Welcome to the new PGHNaz.org

The new PGHNaz.org

We are excited to announce the new online home of the Pittsburgh District Church of the Nazarene!


Starting with this article, we’ll be adding Happenings news and other district announcements to the new site in addition to our online newsletter.


Our new site is packed with features. Here are some highlights:

Responsive Design

Screenshot of the new website at the resolution of the iPhone 6s

The theme for our new site has been designed to fit a variety of screen sizes. And we’ve prioritized the experience for mobile users.

Interactive District Map

Connected to Google Maps and our online Church Directory, you can click a location marker for more information and a link to the full directory listing.

Searchable  Church Directory

Search by name or by address, ZIP code, and distance.

Each local church now has its own page on our site. These pages include contact and social media information for each active local church—as well as links to local and district calendar events!

Color-coded District Calendar

Each of our basic ministries has been assigned a color to help identify

More to Come!

We’re in the process of building out sites for our district auxiliaries and other ministries, including migrating existing content on other sites to the following subdomains.

Most of these sites are nearly ready for release. All of them will be available soon.

If you try to access one of these links and are redirected to a login page, then please say a prayer for our district leaders and our web team as they prepare to publish new content.

Please Contact Us

This web site is for our entire district family. And we need your help to make it a site that meets your needs.

If you have ideas for new features; a typo for us to correct; an event you’d like us to add to the calendar; or any other questions, comments, or concerns about the new site, then please use one of the relevant contact forms nearby.

And you can always visit: https://pghnaz.org/contact

We’re excited to see how our new sites will better help us to fulfill our mission to make Christlike disciples in the nations. And we’re praying for how you’re already helping us make the new sites even better as we work together.

Thank you for being part of our district family!